Past Projects

Human Motion Biomechanics Lab

Reducing Errors Due to Crosstalk

Crosstalk arises due to errors in defining the knee flexion-extension axis. Briefly, errors in locating the flexion-extension axis via misaligned markers on the knee may lead to substantial errors in the measurement of knee varus-valgus angles. This results in a strong, anatomically inaccurate correlation between flexion-extension and varus-valgus motions of the knee, which is considered the “hallmark” of crosstalk in motion analysis studies.

A statistical technique employing linear algebra called Principal Component Analysis (PCA) has been implemented to reduce crosstalk errors. PCA is implemented as a post-hoc correction technique on knee angles that results in a new set of corrected, uncorrelated knee angles.

Kaila Lawson, Harsh Goel and Jordan Skaro developed custom MATLAB codes and protocols for using PCA to correct for crosstalk errors in gait, cycling, and elliptical training exercises.

Experimental Measurement of Evolving Articular Cartilage Properties During In Vitro Growth

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